Faith, Family, Community, Team, Roofing

These guiding principles have lead our amazing team for over 11 years. Operating and completing projects for our clients from the West Coast all the way to East Coast with stops along the way have created a sea of Blue, Green, and Pink RVE Fans.

We have always recognized that our priorities and focus exist in the communities we operate and that is why we launched our Roofing For A Cure campaign with St. Judes Children's Research Hospital, Roof For Hope Campaign, No Roof Left Behind, Roof Deployment, and multiple other non-profit activities to be there in the time of need for the amazing communities (our neighbors) we service across the country.

That commitment to the community remains the same during these times of health and economic uncertainty for so many. Our phones continue to ring with real roofing needs day in and day out during these times. Our Clients are looking for help while keeping their families and employees safe.

We know and understand our clients and the communities we service have roofing needs. Regardless of COVID-19, nothing can stop mother nature from causing a leaky roof, dropping damaging hail, straight line winds, lightning damage, trees falling on properties, and more. Not only mother nature, but roofs continue to age every day and develop new symptoms of problems that might have been hidden for years.

Our clients are home more now than ever. Things overlooked or hidden could be causing real potential health issues inside their homes and businesses. Hidden leaks can cause thousands in damage and potentially cause mold to grow. With all the time we are spending indoors now, its crucial the property is protected by a properly ventilated and leak free roof.

Ridge Valley Exteriors, Inc. is fully operational and here to take care of our communities.

We offer some incredible industry leading technology throughout the entire process from roof inspection to roof completion and or repair to increase the safety of our clients and employees during this COVID-19 outbreak.

Ways We Help To Keep The Community Safe & Roofing Needs Handled

  • Virtual Appointments - We can meet with you virtually to review your needs. Whether we use ZOOM, Facetime, or Google Meets, we have the technology in place to meet Virtually with you. Booking an appointment to meet virtually is easy and can be done right on our website or on our Facebook page.
  • Our Digital Roof Analysis - Your Roof Inspection - We offer Multiple Ways To Keep You Safe. All roof inspections are done outside the property. At no time will a team member need access to the inside of your home.
    • Live Stream: we have the ability to conduct an on roof assessment that you can watch live from the comfort of your home. We use the latest technology with high resolution 4K cameras to show you what we see as we see it.
    • Recorded Video: we record all our digital roof inspections. We can complete the inspection and document and schedule a Virtual meeting utilizing zoom technology. We then can watch the digital roof analysis, review a full 3D model of your home all while your enjoying the comforts of your home. It's the Teledoc of Roofing! Its as easy as us sending you an email with a link and the scheduled time. You click the clink at the scheduled time and we Say Hi Virtually. The Digital Covid Handshake.
    • Live Text Updates: Our technology allows us to take photos, make notes on them, and send you a text link that you can see the photos in real team as we take them on your roof. These photos are yours to keep!
    • Same Day Viewing: We have a large number of clients that are anxious to see what's happening on their roof. We can complete the full digital analysis utilizing the latest video technology and meet you outside at a safe difference and show you first hand the findings of the inspection.

From Digital Analysis to What's Next?

Each of our team members are able to meet with you the way you feel most comfortable with some updated procedures. We longer do handshakes, but sure do give one heck of a Smile to say HELLO!

  • Virtual Meetings: We are able to schedule a virtual meeting to walk your through the entire process. Everything can be done from the comfort and safety of your home live in real time as if we were sitting across the table from you.
  • The New Social Distancing In-Person Meetings: To provide the highest level of safety for our clients, their families, and our team members we have equipped each of our associates with a large foldable table, 3 chairs, and a new (1 time use only) tablecloth. These items will be disinfected with sanitation wipes after every use and prior to sitting down together. This allows us the same look and feel as we used to do things, but allowing social distancing and not requiring our team members to enter the home. We no longer offer in-home or in the business meetings at this time for the safety of our employees and our client families.

We Can Do Everything Digitally & Remotely

  • Inspections
  • Process
  • Meetings
  • Paperwork
  • Financing: We offer incredible financing as low a 0% Interest and No Payment programs!
  • Payment: No need to send a check as you can pay any invoice via online, phone, or credit card.

Best of All Each Client Has a personal online portal. Track updates to your project form scheduled install dates, material delivery, invoice review, photo's, and communication logs with our team members.

On Game Day please remember that all our associates will be on the outside of your home with no need to enter inside. The safety of our community is the highest priority as we all have a social responsibility to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Outside of these things, we have done a few more things to maximize the protection for our clients, their families, and our team members.

  • Each morning all of our team members are required to take a health questionnaire. This is logged and will flag any team member that is feeling ill that day. This way no one reports to duty not feeling well.
  • All of our outside team members are equipped with a digital thermometer and can provide you with their most recent temperatures upon your request
  • All of our outside team members carry non-latex gloves for our clients to use in the event they want to see samples in person.
  • All of our outside team members carry sanitation wipes, Lysol disinfecting spray, and hand sanitizer or soap to keep hands cleaned and washed.

We look forward to maintaining the continuity and ease of business that our clients desire. We are trusted for a reason and we are committed to servicing your families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.