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Nationwide Commercial Roof Restoration

If it's been years or even decades since your commercial roof has been inspected, you're probably long overdue! Many commercial roofs experience problems with poor workmanship, improper installation, and shoddy design—all of which can cost you as a business owner a significant amount of money over the long term.

Reducing these ongoing costs (whether in the form of high energy bills, constant leaks, or dissatisfied tenants) is just one of the benefits of commercial re-roofing. By taking steps to address roofing problems now, you'll also get a better-looking property, a likely boost to property value, and long-term peace of mind that your building is protected.

Since many commercial roof restorations are covered by insurance, there's not always a significant cost, either!

Common Roofing System Problems

Commercial roofs come in many different styles and materials, from BUR and EPDM to conventional asphalt shingles and standing seam metal. Each system can face different types of problems, but common issues include:

  • Rusty Roof Panels
  • Missing or Loose Fasteners
  • Lifted or Broken Shingles
  • Missing Shingles or Panels
  • Holes, Cracks, and Divots
  • Shifted or Waterlogged Insulation
  • Leaks, Mold, or Mildew Growth
  • Damaged Gutters or Overflowing Drainage
  • Failed Flashing or Vents

Detailed Inspections and Expert Commercial Roofing Services

Some of the commercial roof problems mentioned above are obvious, but others may be less immediately noticeable to building occupants. Some issues are so well-hidden that an inadequately trained roofing contractor can miss them, too!

That's why it's so important to hire roofers who will complete a meticulous and comprehensive roof inspection. Here at Ridge Valley Exteriors, we take our time to uncover the most critical problem areas of every commercial roof:

  • Leaks and Water Penetration
  • Damaged Insulation
  • Potential Sources of Energy Loss
  • Structural Damage to Shingles, Flashing, Underlayment, and Vents
  • Damage Due to Improper Installation Techniques
  • Mold Growth and/or Rot

Some of these issues can be fixed through localized commercial roof repairs, and some will be better addressed through full roof restoration—especially if the damage is covered by your building's insurance policy. In either case, we can provide the detailed inspection you need to make the best choice for you. For both repairs and restoration, we use products made in the USA for lasting quality assurance.

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Ridge Valley Exteriors is a nationwide Top 100 roofing contractor in business since 2009. We've pioneered an industry-leading training program to ensure that every hire has what it takes to join our team of Certified Rooftop Geniuses™. We also support on-staff licensed public adjusters to simplify your insurance-related commercial roof repairs. With over 10,000 jobs completed, we have what it takes to restore any roof!

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